privacy policy

● Purpose of using personal information.

When sending an inquiry by e-mail, we may register personal information such as name, e-mail address etc.
We will use these personal information when answering questions and necessary information when communicating with e-mail etc.
We will not use it except for the purpose of providing personal information.

● Disclosure of personal information to third parties.

Whis site properly manages personal information.
We do not disclose it to third parties unless it falls under the following.
In cases where it is necessary to disclose due to the cooperation of laws and ordinances in the case of the consent of the principal.

● Disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, suspension of use of personal information.

If you wish to disclose, correct, add, delete, or suspend use of personal data from you, we will confirm that you are the identity and we will respond promptly.

Cookies are used for some content on this site. Cookie is information stored in the browser when you visit the site, but personal information such as your name and e-mail address is not included.
We may use cookie information to distribute effective advertisement to people who have accessed and to analyze access.
Depending on the setting, it is also possible not to use cookies.

The access analysis and advertisement service used on this site are as follows. Google Analytics Google Adsense

● Third-party advertisement service and cookie.
On this site, we use “Google Adsense” which is a third-party advertisement service.

With this advertisement service, by using cookies, appropriate advertisements are displayed based on information visited by the user on this site and information visited to other sites in the past.
For details on how to disable cookie-based ads, please refer to this ad setting.

● About change of privacy policy.
This site will comply with Japanese laws applicable to personal information.
We review the content of policy of this site and make efforts to improve it.
The latest revised privacy policy will always be disclosed on this page.

● Disclaimer.
We strive to post accurate information on the contents and information on this site.
However, there are cases where erroneous information enters, information is old.
Please note that we can not assume any responsibility for damages caused by contents posted on this site.